Clink on the link below, enter your credentials and take the assessment (about 30 minutes), after choosing what you want to assess between doHow® Career Chakra, doHow® Startup Chakra, doHow® SER Business Chakra for Service Companies or doHow® MFG Business Chakra for Manufacturing Companies. Once you have answered  the 35 questions with a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ and submitted your responses, you will receive an email with the report indicating your weakest chakra and the next immediate step for your prosperity journey. In case you are doubt, please chose ‘Yes’.

Hello Visionaries,

Are you tired of the temporary highs that training programs bring, only to watch your team’s performance dip soon after? Are you seeking a solution that goes beyond isolated interventions and creates a lasting impact, much like the seamless precision of a well-oiled clock? Look no further! Welcome to doHow®, where we don’t just address the market need – we redefine it.

Market Need Addressed: We’re here to provide reliable, lasting improvement in performance through inspired teamwork, emphasizing holistic wellness encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Who We Serve: Medium, large, and multinational manufacturing companies ready to embrace a transformative journey.

Unmet Market Need: Standalone programs create spikes in performance but lack the comprehensive approach needed for sustained success. It’s like relying on specialists without the guiding hand of a General Physician.

Our Game-Changing Solution: Enter the doHow® Socratic Methodology for Execution Excellence, your partner in turning vision into reality. Think of us as the General Physician for your company’s holistic wellness.

What Sets doHow® Apart::

  • Rapid diagnosis with doHow® Chakra assessment within 4 hours.
  • Inclusive strategy development using doHow® Inspirational Persuasion Games in a few hours.
  • Structured doHow® Smart Lean Performance System and doHow® Learning Cycles ensure execution excellence.

Our Mission: Creating Exceptional Leaders and World-Class Companies through Enlightening Conversations.

Proven Excellence: With over a decade of success across diverse sectors – capital goods, aerospace, automotive, consumer goods – we’ve received feedback on addressing ongoing issues, engaging everyone, driving innovative thinking, and delivering immediate impact.

Efficiency and Seamless Delivery: Leverage the power of the doHow® APP and our expert network to ensure seamless and efficient delivery. Bandwidth concerns? Not with doHow®.

Exclusive Offer: Embark on your transformative journey with our doHow® Introductory Workshop – a 4-hour immersion into excellence. Followed by a swift doHow® Chakra Assessment, pinpoint your weakest link, and receive tailored guidance for immediate action.

Why settle for mediocrity when excellence is within reach? Unlock the full potential of your organization with doHow®. Inquire now to start your journey towards lasting success!

Don’t just lead; lead with excellence – Embrace doHow®. Write to us at or call us on +91 70227 16873

This is an opportunity to discuss the get to know us better and to present your problem and/or challenge. We will understand your reality and generally come up with a hypothetical solution and identify the opportunities and scope for digital transformation during this introductory meeting. We will also explain our approach and answer all your queries and clarifications to your satisfaction.