We have been driving transformation, change and execution through people by establishing common understanding of the reality and a common goal, by going back to basics and by driving continual improvement. doHow® for Inspirational Persuasion, developed iteratively since 2013 by our founder Dinakar, is our primary approach, covering people and management practices from Strategy to Execution. doHow® for Execution Excellence APP is depicted below to illustrate our technology enabled process.

SURGE modules cover all the aspects of a business for driving performance and can be used by anyone wanting to significantly improve performance.

We also offer mentoring programs with fortnightly face to face or virtual public sessions open to all with an option for the participants to subscribe the doHow® APP for practicing and internalising the learning.

We drive transformation, change and execution through people with our doHow® for Performance Scoreboard, Changing Mindset/Culture Gamification and Continual Learning.

Return on Investment done for a Consultant and/or Coach is a big question, that can only be answered at the end of an assignment, provided the impact on the topline and bottomline can be clearly attributed to the contribution done by the Consultant and/or Coach. We have learnt from our assignments in the last 10 years that when our clients say that they significantly improved their topline and/or bottomline, assuming that it is because of our contribution, ignoring the intensified efforts by all their teams just because of our presence, is fundamentally incorrect. Therefore, instead of explaining the benefits of engaging us, we have listed some examples of what and how we have been adding value to our clients.