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The old adage “What gets measured gets done.” has always been the core of achieving execution excellence both in my corporate role as well as in my Consultancoaching role. The last 6 months were very motivating for me as I learnt Zoho Creator, an exceptional Indian self-learning low code application development platform, and developed the doHow® Execution Excellence APP.

I am sure each one of you will agree with me that making life@work easier should be the sole purpose of technology. Unfortunately, this is not always the case since many technology solutions necessitate a change in the behaviour of some key resources to the benefit of others. Challenging this tenet was key driver as I worked on the doHow® Execution Excellence APP.

Almost every day, it was like solving a brainteaser, as I searched Zoho Creator documentation for hints on discovering the solution to add a form, add a field, customize the flow, interlink the fields, create queries for specific data to be shown, format the reports, etc., always trying to make the life@work easier for the user.

At the same time, I would implement a module with a client to get the user feedback. It was very inspiring to me as the users would sit next to me and watch me do some changes in a couple of minutes to fulfil their needs. I would leave with smiles on their faces for making their life@work easier.

doHow® Execution Excellence APP primarily bring accountability and drives the users to think differently using the various modules, both for sustaining the performance for consistency and for improving the performance for growth. I invite you to watch my introduction video on the doHow® Execution Excellence APP.

Despite the many adverse effects of COVID19, digitisation to enable remote working is a major favourable effect, which can lead to making life@work easier. With the next wave on the horizon, remote working and remote managing will become essential in the next few months again.

How are you using technology for your management processes to remotely address sustainable growth, while making life@work easier to your team?

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