Samuthána alliance network comprises of doHow® EXPERTS for growing the body of knowledge, Sales PARTNERS for developing business and acquiring new clients and markets, doHow® COACHES to deliver our body of knowledge across the world in the local languages and Value Added SERVICES to provide other complimentary business solutions to our clients. Samuthána Alliance Members are designated either as Associates, who promote Samuthána, whenever possible, or as Partners, those Members who additionally commit a certain period of time exclusive to Samuthána.

During a structured regular meeting (Online/Face-to-face) all the Samuthána Alliance Members collaborate to sustainable profitable growth by jointly developing and implementing excellence practices in our society for fulfilling our purpose of creating world class companies and exceptional leaders.

Contribution as a doHow® EXPERT

Our pool of experts come from diverse backgrounds and are thinkers. They are experts with hands on experience in their domains, and not necessarily have qualifications to their credit. Participating in debates and discussions on topics revolving around excellence and progress inspires them. They would have created their own content for clarifying the basic concepts necessary for application of their knowhow and dohow. Their problem solving solutions are sustainable.

If you belong to such a group, please fix up an appointment for us to get to know you.

Contribution as a doHow® COACH

Our coaches have a passion for facilitating and moderating group activities. They get inspired by seeing the participants discover their path forward by themselves. They are very keen observers, good in communication and capture the unsaid messages. They love being around people, generally don’t have any prejudices and are basically non judgemental. They are authentic, energetic, good at discovering the hidden talents, and knowhow to push people to come out of their comfort zones, more by asking.

If you belong to such a group, please register and participate in a doHow® Demo.

Contribution as a Sales PARTNER

Our sales partners are great networkers and are extremely resourceful through their network. Service is their main moto and strive relentlessly to find solutions to the potential clients problems, even if it meant not selling. Cold calling comes to them naturally and they, in fact, celebrate failures to connect. They are very disciplined in managing themselves with a todo list and very prompt in reporting the progress made on the leads and potentials. Prospecting is their natural strength and they keep prospecting almost continuously.

If you belong to such a group, please check these marketing collaterals and submit your enquiry.

Contribution to Value Added SERVICES

Our alliance members offer value added services such as recruitment consulting, certification trainings, customised application development, business process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing, knowledge management, business process management, systems audit, manufacturing engineering solutions, automation solutions, etc.

If you belong to such a group, please write to us and we will get in touch with you.