Our sales partners are great networkers and are extremely resourceful through their network. Service is their main moto and strive relentlessly to find solutions to the potential clients problems, even if it meant not selling. Cold calling comes to them naturally and they, in fact, celebrate failures to connect. They are very disciplined in managing themselves with a todo list and very prompt in reporting the progress made on the leads and potentials. Prospecting is their natural strength and they keep prospecting almost continuously.

Focus Market

  • CXOs of Organisations with 100+ Management Staff, needing to achieve challenging goals for sustainable profitable growth

  • Sales Managers looking for alternate ways of motivating their sales team for achieving challenging revenue and collection goals

  • Operations Managers looking for solutions to improve On-time-in-full deliveries with zero defects, while improving productivity

  • Quality Managers looking for implementing total zero defect and zero effect with quality management practices

  • Supply Chain Managers looking for optimising sourcing strategy, stores and inventories with implementation of Just-in-time

  • Product Managers looking for innovative solutions to increase the value proposition and reduce the product cost

  • Human Resources Managers looking for effective and efficient methods for organisation and leadership development

  • Project Managers looking for solutions to improve the teamwork for On-Spec | On-Time | On-Budget project delivery

  • Private Equity Fund Managers looking for hands on experts to turnaround their non performing companies

Value Proposition

We drive transformation, change and execution through people with our doHow® for Performance Scoreboard, Changing Mindset/Culture Gaamification and Continual Learning.

Return on Investment done for a Consultant and/or Coach is a big question, that can only be answered at the end of an assignment, provided the impact on the topline and bottomline can be clearly attributed to the contribution done by the Consultant and/or Coach. We have learnt from our assignments in the last 10 years that when our clients say that they significantly improved their topline and/or bottomline, assuming that it is because of our contribution, ignoring the intensified efforts by all their teams just because of our presence, is fundamentally incorrect. Therefore, instead of explaining the benefits of engaging us, we have listed some examples of what and how we have been adding value to our clients.

Business Development Steps

  1. Understand our value proposition thoroughly by researching our website and/or speaking with Samuthána Alliance Partners by fixing virtual meetings.

  2. Develop messages in your own words to reach out to your contacts from the focus market either for marketing (informing them of our value proposition) or prospecting (enquiring the presence of a need for transformation, change and execution for fulfilling challenging goals) and regularly communicate with your leads and contacts from the focus market either for marketing or prospecting.

  3. Once your lead or contact from the focus market is interested in just checking out our value proposition, fix up an introduction meeting. Please select a Samuthána Alliance Partner you want to be with you during the Microsoft Teams Online meeting and book the slot.

  4. Once you have booked the slot, please share the meeting details with your lead or contact from the focus market.

  5. After the introduction meeting is over, login to our Sales APP (Sign-up if needed),, select Samuthána Leads with Intro and enter the details of your contact from the focus market along with the outcome of the Intro Discussion.

  6. Check the Lead Intro Done at the beginning of each month and invoice Samuthána Consultancoaching LLP (GSTIN 29ACOFS7948H1Z7) for the Intro Meetings you have concluded @ ₹ 1,000/- per Intro Meeting.

  7. Continue staying in touch with the potential client, along with Samuthána, after the Intro Meeting for acquiring the purchase order. Further continue customer relationship management through the delivery phase, and after ensuring customer delight, follow-up and collect payments for earning at least 10% of the throughput generated from the order (Sales – Truly Variable Cost) for your further contribution done.

Marketing Collaterals

Samuthána Leaflet

DIN A4 Page Leaflet Introducing Samuthána

Alliance Presentation

Samuthána Alliance Presentation

Business Chakras

DIN A4 Page Leaflet on Business Chakras

Flow Assessment

DIN A4 Leaflet on Flow Assessment

doHow® Game Leaflet

DIN A4 Leaflet on Flow Assessment

Execution Excellence

DIN A4 Leaflet on Execution Excellence



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