Vivek Palsule

Synopsis of Ronaldo’s Video

This video of the famous footballer Ronaldo shooting a goal in the Dark, got my thinking cells ticking…. The first question that came to my mind is can Ronaldo experiment be replicated in our daily personal / professional life? This thought/question got lot of energy into my thinking and I am pleased to share

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Synopsis of “Synopsis of “MOJO How to…”

Dear Friends, Business associates and Colleagues this fortnightly while selecting the book synopsis to write one book caught my attention which is very relevant considering that CY 2020 has affected every one of us and has dampened everyone’s spirit or in short affected our MOJO. Book I am going to talk about is about this

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Synopsis of “The Tipping Point”

Dear Friends, Business Associates and Colleagues, this fortnightly book synopsis is talking about science of how & why some things get viral while others don’t? Could you make a guess which book I am talking about? The book that I present to you was written by Malcom Gladwell and the name of book is The

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Synopsis of “What your CEO wants you to know”

Dear Friends Business associates and colleagues till now I have published 2 book synopsis on this website. And both the formats were different. My 1st book review got lots of good feedback while my 2nd book review format received connect with few people. Hence this time I am going to combine the 2 formats (Pure

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Synopsis of “Leadership Wisdom”

Dear Friends Colleagues and Business Associates….my last month book synopsis was of one minute manager meets the monkey. This book talked about the new manager coping up with work load. Today I will be talking about he having achieved the first step of managing the work load how does he lead his teams. The book

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Synopsis of “One Minute manager meets the monkey”

Dear Friends Colleagues and Business Associates….when I was thinking about writing blog thought came to my mind that what are the things that interests people ? answer to that question people are interested in learning new ways methods and facts that can be interesting & useful to them and one of the best ways to

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