Management is a competency of achieving maximum efficiency in execution.

Job Description, Evaluation and Fit Assessment

The first time I heard of job description and job evaluation was way back in 1980s during my Industrial Engineering program. During my early days in Bosch, as a manufacturing engineer, I had to describe and evaluate the jobs for deciding the job grade for workmen. My work would then be checked, approved, and released …

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The Sustainable Growth Conundrum

In my last blog was about mastering ten challenges to sustainable progress, I addressed the common challenges for sustainable progress. Today, I am addressing the topics where all these challenges need to be overcome for sustainable growth. I chose “The Sustainable Growth Conundrum” as the title of my blog on my thoughts on sustainable growth, …

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Mastering ten challenges to sustainable progress

In December 2012, after 26 years of an enriching Corporate Career, I decided to start my Entrepreneurship Career, with a dream of Creating Exceptional Leaders and World Class Companies. Instead of leveraging my acknowledged expertise in world class manufacturing and branding myself as a Lean, TPM, ToC, SPC, KT, 8D, MBO, BSC, MIS, ERP or …

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Common Understanding

My earlier blog was on understanding the stakeholder expectations, a prerequisite to create value for each of them through the shared purpose, as is the primary objective of any business. Today, I am continuing with the next topic of creating a common understanding of the shared purpose, an inspiring one of course, and the current …

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Stakeholder Expectations

Last week I had written the blog “The dream of any company” on the proven path, seemingly ideal, taken by world class companies in consistently creating value to its stakeholders. This week, I will explain how we have been helping our clients develop a common understanding of the expectations of their stakeholders using doHow®, our …

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