Target Setting

Target Setting is a competency of breaking down the main purpose into SMART targets based on the strategies

Common Understanding

My earlier blog was on understanding the stakeholder expectations, a prerequisite to create value for each of them through the shared purpose, as is the primary objective of any business. Today, I am continuing with the next topic of creating a common understanding of the shared purpose, an inspiring one of course, and the current …

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Stakeholder Expectations

Last week I had written the blog “The dream of any company” on the proven path, seemingly ideal, taken by world class companies in consistently creating value to its stakeholders. This week, I will explain how we have been helping our clients develop a common understanding of the expectations of their stakeholders using doHow®, our …

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The dream of any company

Today, after almost 6 months, I am resuming my weekly blogging. I want to start this series by introducing a reliable proven path to sustainable profitable growth – the dream of any company. The core purpose of any business is consistently (or perpetually) delivering and creating value to all the stakeholders. Shareholders or owners of …

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Planning and Committing in a VUCA World

I am sure many of you would have heard the statement “Planning is our biggest problem”. Now that the demand is slowly picking up, in many companies, especially the smaller ones, planning seems to be an unsurmountable problem. As I started writing this blog, I remembered one of my many exceptional bosses, Mr Böhmler, telling …

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Dozen Success Factors

Now that I have completed developing the doHow® Business Excellence APP based on the success factors, I observed, in those companies that continued to thrive through Covid19, I am starting my weekly blogs. I must state that all the companies with or without these success factors suffered substantially from Covid19, while those practicing these dozen …

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Continual Learning System

The core of any management system is efficiency and control, which can be achieved by continual learning. Before getting into continual learning, let me explain the fundamental control system which has four phases. Algorithm or Plan Phase: During this phase an understanding is established between the cause and effect for identifying the drivers and levers …

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