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Our Value Proposition, delivered since 2013, as the teams became more competent:

  • Sustainable 1.5x YoY Growth in Revenue and Profitability for Manufacturing Enterprises
  • Industrial Engineering and Ramp-up of Production to achieve 100% (3,600 Sec/Cycle Time) hourly target output, with 85% capacity utilization
  • 100% Retail Sales Target Fulfilment from 85% for a Large FMCG Enterprise
  • On-time/On-Spec/On-Budget Projects for Engineering Multinational Company
  • Inventory Reduction and Product Cost Reduction for Manufacturing MNC
  • Improvement in Quality and Productivity for Manufacturing Enterprises
  • Reporting automation through Mobile Devices (Offline/Online) for transparency and control
  • Expert panel member for regular operational performance reviews in Medium Enterprises
  • Annual Target Deployment Workshops for Multinational Companies
  • Leadership Mentoring for Top Management Succession
  • Business and Operational Excellence Assessments (EFQM Model)

Our methods, mostly On-the-job, developed by us after extensive research and experimentation:



Key Success Factors

Business Chakras

  • Validation of the assumptions
  • Common understanding of reality

Maturity Assessment

  • Validation with Evidence
  • Common understanding of next steps

Problem Solving

  • Immerse in the reality, feel and observe
  • Validate the cause by recreating problem

Remote Monitoring

  • Choice of the metric and the clockspeed
  • Automate escalations for deviations

Effective Steering

  • Standard agenda with focus on learning
  • Meeting efficiency/effectiveness reporting

Focused Creativity

  • Top floor to shop floor, in one session
  • Voluntary actions within circle of influence

Guided Coaching

  • One role topic per subordinate per week
  • Sentiment analysis for agreed upon actions

Our background, knowhow and solutions:

Our appreciation on receiving your enquiry:

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