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Let me start this blog by going straight to the point on leadership team having one voice.

In many organisations, especially from the SME sector generally it would be just one leader whose voice would have to be adapted and owned by the key managers for the unit to be successful, since a leadership team may not exit. This situation is really very effective when the organisation is relatively small, may be a couple of employees who know each other by the first name and are very close.

The moment the organisation size or the number of employees in an organisation crosses ~50 a hierarchy would become necessary to lead and manage the employees as any effective span of control of direct sub-ordinates is max 10. Once this condition is already a reality or the SME organisations want to grow then identifying and nurturing a leadership team is mandatory for sustenance and consistency in performance.

I remember a joke about the various parts of the body wanting to compete and demonstrate who the boss is. For those of you who haven’t read this google to find out. What moral from this becomes relevant for my blog is the thought of our organs not working in synchrony with the others and the crisis that we get into very fast.

In organisations when the leadership team hasn’t identified, discussed, debated and agreed upon in consesus that one voice one can see a lot of noise in organisations. When I say voice I mean the leadership team to have a common understanding on Goods & Services, Competencies, Passion and Conscience. When this is achieved and consistently communicated within the organisation music is achieved.

Have you given a thought if your organisation has a leadership team and if the leadership team has one voice?

The process of finding this voice needs investment with the leadership team meeting together, preferably with a neutral moderator as a group executive coach, over days firstly to get to know each other better and then to start identifying that single voice in consesus.

I am sure you can identify many companies who not only have realised phenomenal growth but also consistently delivered exceptional results. You may further want to check and confirm the existance of the single voice in the leadership team of these organisations.

I welcome you to go on the journey of discovering that single voice.

Happy Reading!

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