Let me and my team help you in increasing your Throughput (Sales + Delivery) and in reducing Operating Expenses (Fixed + Variable)

We are management consultants, who can also be called as business doctors, specialised in solving techno commercial problems involving management and people.

We use our inspirational persuasion methodology to change the mindset and culture for consistently achieving throughput and operating expenses targets.

We develop a hypothetical solution, in the first meeting, and then secure the buy-in of your teams using my invention doHow® and get the solutions implemented by your teams. We handhold your teams during your regular structured strategy and operational review meetings to bring about the change. After achieving consistency, we come up with a digital roadmap for automation and remote monitoring.

We invite you to take advantage of our knowhow pages with our blogs, our videos and a meeting glossary for your business needs. You may want to check out our services, our products and our alliances in our solutions pages.

What we Do

We are management consultants who enable your teams to consistently achieve your business targets by changing their mindset and culture, while building their competencies.

We Consult/Coach

We develop the solutions after understanding your reality, followed by handholding during implementing and reviewing the progress regularly in meetings until you achieve your desired outcomes.

We Facilitate/Train

We first customise the content for your context, design the training program for short regularly spaced modules and train your teams for achieving your desired outcomes using the Socratic method.

We Assess/Mentor

We assess your current level of excellence, primarily based on EFQM model, through interviews, observations and analysis followed by suggesting the way forward using our experience, to your leadership team

Our Testimonials

Consulting Voices

MD of a Large Mfg Co

He significantly improved our day to day management system and recommended some changes in the organisation structure that we introduced immediately. The competence levels of our engineers have improved and we could sustainably reduce scrap, tool consumption, etc. and improve the discipline on the shop floor. Within a quarter we achieved an almost 0 EBIDTA and within 6 months went positive. Since then our operations shows stability and we have been able to achieve positive EBIDTA on a sustainable basis.

Director of a Commodities Mfg. Co.

We have been using services of Dinakar for over a year and it has helped us streamline our business in many ways. Highly recommend this for companies who would like to set their process in order and scale to the next level.

CEO of a Medium Mfg. Co.

We found the perfect blend and to work on both hard and soft issues problematic factors. In the past six months of our association and with his hands on style of working we have crossed many hurdles which we never thought we will overcome. Our team has become much more focussed and looking forward to achieving Manufacturing Excellence.

Facilitating Voices

doHow Impact on Skills

Professional Trainers
I  really appreciate this deliberate methodology, which directly impacts the affective learning domain. Kudos!

Senior Management
This program has business relevance with direct impact on top/bottom line for creating Synergy and reducing management attention.

Middle/Junior Management
The program supports execution due to large group involvement.
Thought it will be a one-sided lecture. By the end of the workshop it was fun filled, enjoyable learning.

Individual Contributors, Freshers and Students
Interactive! Good! Teamwork! Team activities! Highly experiential! Views from others are very interesting!
I enjoyed the session and had fun participating and learning, while I got an opportunity to interact and share knowledge.

Assessing Voices

CEO of an EMS Co.

It was indeed a very good decision of our company to have taken your services in our company health check. We had hired other consultants, there was nothing tangible given to us, excepting management jargons. Where as you could mirror us as to what we are, through your methodology, and also we got a tangible health check report which indicated our weakness & strengths which has given us focus areas to improve. Thank you very much for having given your expertise services, and highly recommend to aspiring companies.

CEO of a Hospitality Co.

It was absolute eye opener working with Dinakar. His deep understanding of impact of parameters affecting corporate health and his quick-fix solutions makes him the must-have consultant for any business with a long term holistic goals.

CEO of a Marketing Co.

As a organization we faced challenges related to decision making and fast execution. Mr. Dinakar’s wisdom and vast experience helped us take decisions in much informed and faster method. He is tech-savvy and is very comfortable to work with.