Utilisation and Overall Equipment Effectiveness

I remember preparing the “Machine Utilisation File” in the 1980s for every new machine commissioned by me as a manufacturing engineer. My job was to track the utilisation of this newly commissioned machine till it achieved 75% of 24 hours. The formula was very simple – Planned Cycle Time multiplied with Good Quantity Produced divided […]

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Job Description, Evaluation and Fit Assessment

The first time I heard of job description and job evaluation was way back in 1980s during my Industrial Engineering program. During my early days in Bosch, as a manufacturing engineer, I had to describe and evaluate the jobs for deciding the job grade for workmen. My work would then be checked, approved, and released

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The Sustainable Growth Conundrum

In my last blog was about mastering ten challenges to sustainable progress, I addressed the common challenges for sustainable progress. Today, I am addressing the topics where all these challenges need to be overcome for sustainable growth. I chose “The Sustainable Growth Conundrum” as the title of my blog on my thoughts on sustainable growth,

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Mastering ten challenges to sustainable progress

In December 2012, after 26 years of an enriching Corporate Career, I decided to start my Entrepreneurship Career, with a dream of Creating Exceptional Leaders and World Class Companies. Instead of leveraging my acknowledged expertise in world class manufacturing and branding myself as a Lean, TPM, ToC, SPC, KT, 8D, MBO, BSC, MIS, ERP or

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Strategy Development

Today my blog will be about strategy development after the stakeholder expectations are understood and a common understanding of the current reality is established. In my experience once these two steps have been thoroughly completed, the identification of the necessary strategies if quite natural for the competent and experienced strategy development team, typically senior leaders

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Common Understanding

My earlier blog was on understanding the stakeholder expectations, a prerequisite to create value for each of them through the shared purpose, as is the primary objective of any business. Today, I am continuing with the next topic of creating a common understanding of the shared purpose, an inspiring one of course, and the current

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