Breaking the Communication Barrier

The other day in a park, I saw 2 young people sitting next to each other and they were engrossed in their mobile phones may be communicating with their friends, or who knows it could be with each other too. This triggered a thought within me about how much the world has changed …. A reality check which all of us can do by answering the following questions authentically …..

1) How many friends do we have virtually (Facebook, Insta, Linkedin, WA, etc..), and how many do we have in reality?

Answer to this question can really shake us up

2) What is the mode of communication that we choose to talk with our friends and colleagues is it Emails/text/video/ audio messages or one-to-one speaking or speaking over phone/video call?

When I tried to check with a few people what I found that almost most of the time 80%+ we prefer to text / email/post our views on the web rather than talk face to face / talking over phone /video

What happens in our personal life reflects in our work life too. Today we see in most of the organization’s communication over emails/ text messaging is common. Rather than face to face / talking over phone or video.

The question that people will ask so what is the impact of this non face to face / non-voice conversations?

The impact is, it leads to one-way communication. This one-way leading to people implementing/taking actions as per their understanding. This taking actions as per individual understanding leads to not getting results as per expectation/reduction in managerial or organizational effectiveness and thus lower morale among employees.

So, if one needs to increase managerial effectiveness & thus the efficiency, one needs to focus on communication between boss/ subordinates, peers, departments. This is understood by almost all leaders and the best leaders work hard on this aspect of leadership and set an example to others. But the challenge that is faced is how to improve communications at all levels within the organization uniformly? Why this question is that we see that people are good with their jobs but face challenges in communications? What points should I consider while talking to my subordinates, peers, with other departments? Is there anything important that I missed out on? This dilemma leads to further breakdown in communication due to perceived fear.

We at Samuthána have understood this challenge and have come out with a new one-of-one leadership coaching & mentoring App that helps people to talk freely with confidence. doHow® leadership coaching & mentoring app has 4 high-level areas of Business Excellence, Direct functions, Indirect Functions, Work-Life balance, and further about 1200 + different sub-topics all together in this one doHow® leadership coaching & mentoring app.

You need to first identify your role if you are an interviewer or listener (Coach or Mentor) then you need to select organizational hierarchy which is senior management; middle management; junior management; or individual contributor, and last but not least you need to define the learner or speaker (Coachee or Mentee), whom you are coaching and mentoring. Is it, self to self; expert to leader or leader to the employee so that the relevant level of pointers is brought up for your discussions based on your selection.

How does this doHow® leadership and mentoring app help? doHow® leadership coaching & mentoring App helps to guide individuals & executives to talk about focussed discussions in a role of learner/speaker OR as a self-assessment tool OR peer to peer (taking up the role of expert to leader) OR from Leader to employee.

The subject choices and hierarchy doHow® leadership coaching & mentoring App give right pointers & guides individuals & executives for constructive discussions/dialogue between the people and helps exchange ideas/ information/ views/ facts/ feelings to reach a common understanding between the interviewer and Listener.

This Communication of Dialogue helps in motivation & influence by focussing on action to deliver the desired output by foster cooperation and mutual understanding amongst employees reducing friction & conflicts and increasing managerial effectiveness.

doHow® Leadership Coaching & Mentoring App helps you break this communication barrier across hierarchy by using the doHow® philosophy of learning by doing.

In this pandemic uncertain situation, use this tool to increase your individual effectiveness and organizational output by using dohow® Leadership Coaching & Mentoring App.

To experience it first-hand please use the link

Also please use the following link for understanding step by step approach of how to use doHow® Leadership Coaching & Mentoring App

Happy reading and happy conversing!

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  1. Nice points vivek. Selecting right mode ( email, whatsapp, call, face to face) is important for success of communication as you have rightly brought out.

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