Mastering ten challenges to sustainable progress

In December 2012, after 26 years of an enriching Corporate Career, I decided to start my Entrepreneurship Career, with a dream of Creating Exceptional Leaders and World Class Companies. Instead of leveraging my acknowledged expertise in world class manufacturing and branding myself as a Lean, TPM, ToC, SPC, KT, 8D, MBO, BSC, MIS, ERP or EFQM Consultant, or pursuing to get certified as an ICF Coach, I chose to coin Consultancoaching, a combination of consulting and coaching, and to develop doHow®, my methodology for Creating Exceptional Leaders and World Class Companies.

I had to continuously reinvent myself in my quest for survival as an entrepreneur, in the last 10 years, while helping my clients, other Entrepreneurs and Companies, prosper by overcoming their challenges – supply or fulfilment side in the larger companies and demand or sales side in the smaller companies. I understood that business development is all about building an ecosystem, needing strategic thinking skills, for growing the business, marketing is all about creating a demand for the products/services, needing exceptional communication skills, and sales is all about getting orders from clients/customers along with collecting the payments for the products/services, needing tremendous patience, perseverance, and resilience to bounce back from frequent rejection.

Looking back at my own journey as an entrepreneur and my assignments covering both supply and demand side of business, I have identified these ten challenges to sustainable progress.

  • Stakeholder Analysis for improving the effectiveness of the efforts put in.
  • Common Understanding for exceptional teamwork with synergy (1+1>2).
  • Strategy Detailing for creating a sense of purpose for every employee.
  • Performance indicators to focus on the drivers that impact outcomes.
  • Execution Planning for operational excellence through empowerment.
  • Process mapping for excellence with input, process and output success factors.
  • Realtime Reporting for accountability, transparency, and performance.
  • Continual Learning for organisational competence, excellence, and agility.
  • Problem Solving for developing grounded successful strategies/approaches.
  • Routine dialogue for mutual push to perform and for mutual learning.

doHow® drives thinking with inspirational persuasion for overcoming these seven challenges through guided modules and is being used for executives, teams, entrepreneurs, micro, small, medium, and large companies. I will deep dive into each of these challenges in my next blogs.

I wish you and your loved ones a very happy and prosperous new year.

Happy Reading!

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