Learning Cycle

I have used the following questions regarding the PDCA and SDCA that are the backbone of any organization on the one had to achieve sustainability and planned improvements and on the other to review where we are and what we did as a part of the organizational learning.

Plan/Standardize Phase:

Standards/Targets: Aligned and Deployed?

Clear Practices/Actions?

Planning Basis?

Responsible, due dates (acceptability)?

Plan “B”?

Common understanding of both targets and approaches?

Do Phase:

Standards/Targets and approach understood by all – common understanding?

Anything else has changed?

Progressing towards target?

Adhering to the standards

Conscious of the deviations?

Actual situation? Current forecast – where are we going to land?

Check Phase:

Checked the progress and completion?


Visualized, easy to perveive?

Plausibility check?

Visited Gemba?

Understood cause and effect?

Act Phase:

Were intent/Expectations understood uniformly?

Learning: Strengths/Weaknesses?

Improvements needed? Who? When?

Further practices/actions needed?

Standards/Targets OK?

Escalation to the next level?

Standard: Desired present state of process (Value Stream Map, Procedure,RASIC*,..) or result (Drawing, Workplace-Photo, Setting Plan,..)

Target: Desired future state of process (Value Stream Design, Procedure,RASIC*,…) or result (Customer Complaints, Delivery Volumes, Modified-Layout,..)

Actions: Comprises immediate containment (ICA), corrective (to address root cause) and preventive (to control) actions

*RASIC : Role Definition Chart for the various tasks needed in an organization

Responsible “Doer”: Individual(s) (Many) who perform an activity or take part in a decision—responsible for action/implementation.  Preferably only one for accountability

Accountable “Buck Stops Here”: Individual (One!!) who has ultimate decision making and approval authority. Typically the owner of the budget.

Support “Passive, if asked for”: Individual(s) (Many) who need to work and have input into a decision or action before it occurs, provided asked for. 

Informed “FYI”: Individual(s) (Many) who must be informed that a decision or action has taken place.  

Collaborate “Active, team member”: Individual(s) (Many) who need to work and have input into a decision or action before it occurs, proactively.

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