Quarterly Business Planning

Improving effectiveness, in us adults, can only be done through discussion and debate for learning. In companies, while it is common to have informal discussions in the corridors, a formal structured discussion and debate during reviews is the only robust practice for fostering organizational learning. Today’s extremely uncertain context is very important for designing such reviews. I would like to propose a fundamental strategic shift first.

The traditional practice of annual business plan, in my opinion, is not practical in this situation. I propose to change to a quarterly business plan, with the long-term being max 3 years and midterm 1 year. This fundamental strategic shift will naturally result in an agile mindset, so much needed in today’s context.

I have prepared a template including the normal good practices for a quarterly business planning cycle, which can be downloaded by clicking on the image below. I have addressed all the areas and grouped in daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reviews.

The key to success in this environment is a collective agile mindset. While there are various training and coaching programs for development, I believe the most effective way of quickly creating a collective agile mindset is through routine structured reviews, as is the case with most of the world class companies. I have experienced that a strong structured review culture is the secret to improving the effectiveness.

I have also prepared a simple questionnaire on effectiveness assessment. Of course, the outcome of this tool will fully depend on the sincerity in answering the questions. You may please follow this link to access this free questionnaire.

In my experience, it takes time to improve the effectiveness, since effectiveness is directly driven by the mindset. Our mindset, which is based on our memories of experiences linked to emotions, is rock solid and takes time to change. Typically, in 3 months improvement in results can be seen and in 6 months changes in behavior. In case you want to know more about the mindset, you may please watch my video using this link.

I propose the following steps for success in the current situation:

  1. Learn about mindset by watching my video (Link)
  2. Take the Effectiveness Self-Assessment (Link)
  3. Download the Quarterly Business Plan Template (Link)
  4. Perform the suggested Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly reviews
  5. Celebrate your success in 3 months

Happy reading and my best wishes for improving your effectiveness!

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