Synopsis of Ronaldo’s Video

This video of the famous footballer Ronaldo shooting a goal in the Dark, got my thinking cells ticking….

The first question that came to my mind is can Ronaldo experiment be replicated in our daily personal / professional life?
This thought/question got lot of energy into my thinking and I am pleased to share with you today my thoughts & analysis about Ronaldo’s experiment of hitting the goal in the dark.

First talking about Talent…. In the video if one listens clearly there is 2-time measure mentioned 200 milliseconds & 500 milliseconds. What is so significant about these 2-time measures? These 2-time measures point to an experiment in neuroscience first done by Hans Helmut Kornhuber on “Bereitschaftspotential” (Readiness Potential) in the 1960s and then done by Benjamin Libet sometime in early 1980’s to define existence or nonexistence of free will. These experiments concluded that our subconscious mind has already decided an action 500 milliseconds ahead, while our conscious mind comes to know only 200 milliseconds ahead. Thus, proving that our subconscious mind has all the power & decides all our actions, on which our conscious mind has little control for changing those actions. This explains why many of our habits (patterns of actions) even if we want to change, we find it difficult to change. This in common language is the difference in “knowing and doing”.

In case of Ronaldo there was perfect alignment between the subconscious mind and conscious mind that light switching off did not make any difference, while in case of other footballer gap was evident from, he missing the goal.

What is that which made Ronaldo hit the ball even when lights were turned off when ball was in motion but still could calculate and put the ball in Goal accurately?

Answer to that question is obvious – the full power of our subconscious mind, the fast thinker (system 1) in the book “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman or the Self 2 in the book “The Inner Game of Tennis” by Timothy Gallwey. Both mention about the close to infinite power of the subconscious, which we unsuccessfully try controlling consciously, in case of any incoherence.

Would it not be wiser to consciously change our subconscious for an alignment, so that even we can perform like Ronaldo by allowing his aligned and meticulously trained subconscious to manage. This, is precisely what happens during the doHow® Games invented by my Alliance Partner Dinakar Murthy Krishna.

Now, that we know that the incoherence between subconscious and conscious mind is the reason for many things not happening the way we want them to happen, let me present the mindset for individuals and culture for teams.

While there are various methods developed to make changes in your subconscious mind, changing both the individual mindset and the team culture is the area where doHow® works effectively. doHow® helps people/teams/organisations get alignment of thought & purpose by creating discussions and debates on carefully selected contextual hints naturally creating emotional experience so much required to change individual and team mindsets. This creates alignment of purpose for achieving the amazing outcome by overcoming every obstacle on the path to achievement.

doHow® Flow

In case of doHow® too, by playing the doHow® Games at regular fortnightly frequency, one is able to clear the differences in perception and reality, there by, aligning the individual mindset and team culture for peak performance.

I am sure you must have found out correlation between Ronaldo’s experiment and Organisational applicability of the same interesting.

Happy reading!

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  1. Rediness potential without the basic intelligence is a challenge. However much Lata Mangeshikar tries to play cricket, she will not come to Sachin Tendulkar’s mark nor vice versa. Also, this basic intelligence helps create the much needed interest to practice and train the muscle memory, that is simply able to reflexively know how to go about what needs to be done. When the basic intelligence & interest, align, the involvement becomes high and thus aligns the heart, head and hands (body), to forecast where the ball will be at a particular time.

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