Business Sustainability Enablers


Business Sustainability Enablers for Sustainable Profitable Growth

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The aim of any business is sustainable profitable growth. In order to achieve this condition, our research and experience in assessing companies indicates that the people in the organisation need to not only possess, but also should have internalised some distinct skills, which we call as Business Enablers.

Once a business is launched, many activities in the business gets driven by external stimulus, such as delivering an order or a commitment, meeting the basic quality standards, meeting the laws of the land, etc, analogically being pushed by the water flow in a river. There are other activities which are essential to reach the purpose, wherein, one needs to invest in efforts to master these, such as steering a boat to reach a destination in a river, analogically steering against the current in a flow. Our Business Enabler Checklists mainly address these areas needing internal investment for sustainable profitable growth.

This checklist addresses the business sustainability enablers, that are mandatory to all the people in organisations wanting to achieve sustainable profitable growth.

About doHow®:

The Socratic doHow®  Group Activity involves a Speaker, thinking/explaining/showing his/her doing to a doHow® Coach, who ensures thoroughness for generating insights, while an, Onlooker(s) identifies strengths/positives and provides positive feedback to both, before changing roles in rotation.


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