Daily Standing Meeting Checklist


Daily Standing Meeting Checklist with the Main Agenda Points.

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Business organisations have a purpose defined by the values, mission and vision. The purpose is fulfilled by developing and deploying strategies. The deployment of the strategies is done by defining Goals with Key Performance Indicators and linking them to the individual employees in the organisation.

Touching base regularly is a must for collective progress towards the purpose. This is achieved through progress review meetings.

The daily standing meeting checklist defines the key agenda points during a daily meeting, which is the fundamental rhythm in the world class companies, a key element of doHow® for thinking progressively and evolving an agile mindset.

Check the review rhythms by reading our blog.

Quarterly Business Planning

About doHow®:

The Socratic doHow®  Group Activity involves a Speaker, thinking/explaining/showing his/her doing to a doHow® Coach, who ensures thoroughness for generating insights, while an, Onlooker(s) identifies strengths/positives and provides positive feedback to both, before changing roles in rotation.


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