Dozen Success Factors

Now that I have completed developing the doHow® Business Excellence APP based on the success factors, I observed, in those companies that continued to thrive through Covid19, I am starting my weekly blogs.

I must state that all the companies with or without these success factors suffered substantially from Covid19, while those practicing these dozen success factors have been fortunate with orders, even during these trying times.

Dozen Success Factors:

  1. Common Understanding of the Reality and the immediate focus areas by the Leadership Team has been the most important factor.
  2. Leaders regularly seeking 360° Feedback and working on the critical areas has kept the teams motivated and inspired together.
  3. Diving deep to understand all the contributors to the most disturbing  undesirable effect followed by ensuring that each of the contributor is stable and capable.
  4. Rolling business, orders and production planning (Learning from Time Zone:-1, Estimate for TZ:0, Plan for TZ:+1, Forecast for TZ:+2 and Target for TZ:+3) with monthly, weekly and daily clockspeed respectively to be able to adapt to the highly uncertain dynamic environment.
  5. Systematic management of both delegated and initiated tasks, especially with remote working.
  6. Systematic tracking and management of 100% full kits for tasks and activities, both in projects and operations.
  7. Cascaded target deployment followed with routine reporting of the value addition done by every employee, for inspiring the other team members with a healthy competition.
  8. Cascaded routine reviewing the performance for effective steering and timely escalation.
  9. Routine feedback on experience of interactions between all employees with tracking of feedback given and received by each employee.
  10. Routine one-on-one dialogue to mentor/coach the direct reportees on the one hand to enable goal fulfilment and on the other to better understand each other and build trust.
  11. Routine Kaizen by each and every employee for driving continual improvement towards the ideal state.
  12. Last but not the least, a performance scorecard accessible by all employees to perceive their contribution, especially relative to the others for creating a self drive to excel.

I am sure you must have realised that these are the basics for any organisation. Of course, you are absolutely right. Even my observation was that the organisations good with basics are thriving.

It is just that simple! Happy Reading!

3 thoughts on “Dozen Success Factors”

  1. Completely agree. These are basics of any world class organization.
    It will be worthwhile if there is a list of what not to focus and what are the failure factors .
    Sometimes it is important to work on what not to focus to achieve your goals.

  2. P Srinivas Kumar

    Human excellence by improving on clarity of inner being there by focus levels, experience authentic quality of experience, creativity levels also could be added.

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